Kolorex Cranberry Plus Horopito 25000mg Capsules 60

Kolorex Cranberry Plus Horopito 25000mg Capsules 60

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Urinary tract support.


Kolorex Cranberry plus horopito provides maximum urinary comfort,withy the addition of Cranberry to privide maximum support for the urinary system.

The ingredient "Pacran" is a patented form of the whole cranberry fruit,which unlike other cranberry extracts includes all of the parts of the fruit,to provide maximum benefit.

Horopito is a herb which has been validated to provide support for healthy yeast balance in the body.

The combination of these two ingredients provides a broader spectrum of support,than cranberry alone.

Benefits of this product:

  • Contains a world first combination of ingredients.
  • Dual action means a broader spectrum of activity when compared to cranberry alone.
  • Horopito provides the support for urinary problems caused by yeast and fungi.
  • Each capsule provides 25000mg of cranberry fresh fruit equivalent.
  • Pacran cranberry is backed by clinical studies to provide support for the urinary tract.