Harker Chronic Itch Relief

Harker Chronic Itch Relief

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Harker Herbals Chronic Itch Relief provides relief from painful chronic itch caused by shingles, measles, chicken pox, fever, eczema, pruritus and psoriasis. A soothing, cooling and moisturising balm.

Acacia gum, aloe vera, carrageen.

Essential Oils:
Camphor, cinnamon, eucalyptol, eugenol, jojoba, menthol, olive oil (pure virgin), peppermint, pine, turpentine.

Glucate (natural), u.v light-treated rainwater, vegetable glycerin.


Apply a liberal amount as necessary to affected areas.
Shake well. Avoid eyes, groin, open & delicate skin.


For children, we recommend the gentler 528 Skin Peace lotion.