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Basilur Tea Book -  Bouquet Assorted Tea Bags

Basilur Tea Book - Bouquet Assorted Tea Bags

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Part of the Basilur Tea - Bouquet CollectionBasilur Tea presents you with an assortment of your favorite Bouquet green teas - Green Freshness (mint), Cream Fantasy (strawberry & cream), Sencha Green (unflavored) and White Magic (Chinese milk Oolong). Each book comes with 32 tea bags - 8 sachets of each flavour, making this the ideal gift for green tea loversIngredients; GREEN: Sencha green tea. GREEN FRESHNESS: Green Tea with mint flavour. CREAM FANTASY: Green Tea, strawberry & vanilla flavour. WHITE MAGIC: Milk Oolong green tea.Weight of tea contents: 64 g of assorted teabags, wrapped in foil and supplied in a beautifully decorated tea caddy.