THURS.PL. Macad.  Body Oil 125ml

THURS.PL. Macad. Body Oil 125ml

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Macadamia Oil is rich in palmitoleic acid (Omega 7), an essential fatty acid that is found in the human skin’s sebum, but diminishes with ageing. The palmitoleic acid found in Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil works in harmony with natural skin lipids to replenish the skin’s protective barrier against moisture loss, leaving the skin deeply hydrated, rejuvenated and plumped. Used as a face & body serum, it helps to:

  • Smooth fine lines.
  • Rehydrate dry or sun-damaged skin
  • Rejuvenate tired skin that has been exposed to extreme conditions such as harsh sun, hot winds  and dry environment
  • Restore and maintain a youthful appearance to dry and maturing skin